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Siladen Resort & Spa

Wakatobi Resort September 2024

Wakatobi Dive Resort is located off the Southeast tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia and offers some of the healthiest coral reefs we have ever seen! Divers who visit here are amazed when they are treated to their first dive on the “house reef.” Just a few feet from the resort is a spectacular wall bursting with color and life which makes the unlimited shore diving both an easy and unforgettable experience. Wakatobi’s walls, sea mounts, and shallow reefs possess a seemingly endless array of hard and soft coral species. Aside from the schools of tropical reef fish, you will see dozens of unusual creatures, such as the pygmy seahorse, hundreds of multi-colored nudibranches, lion fish, leaf fish and scorpion fish – all common on every dive.

From $5,955.00
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